Consulting Services

These are relatively short-term projects designed to analyze and diagnose current-state operations to better understand issues and identify opportunities for improvement. Assessments can focus on work efficiency, costs, cycle-times, controls and compliance, workforce analysis and sourcing, issues and root causes, communication patterns, data gaps, information systems, or any other challenge facing the organization. They are a good starting point if the causes of operational issues are not known or well-understood.

Process Design
Process design projects focus directly on improving business processes and can range from modification of a single process to a complete re-design of multiple processes across a work unit or function. These projects include the supporting workforce plans (task groupings, roles and staffing, costs), information analysis, and measures for process monitoring and evaluation. In addition, process projects can include sourcing analysis (i.e., internal vs external) and the possible application of knowledge management solutions.

Model Design
Model design projects focus on changes to major components of the organization. This includes enterprise structures and re-organizations, sub-unit structures (e.g., divisions, departments, business units, functions), the central core, shared service centers, communities (CoP/CoE), governance schema, administrative and employee programs, task allocations and role alignment, as well as core data flows and information systems. Model design recommendations are supported by detailed strategic, impact, and workforce analyses.

Change Management
Change management projects are initiatives designed to support client-managed projects. The CM framework used is a proven methodology for effectively managing small and large-scale organizational changes. It includes the following phases: 1) business case for change, 2) organizational readiness, 3) change specification, 4) change architecture, and 5) change execution.

Note: All process and model design projects follow an HCD methodology and CM framework incorporated into a comprehensive project plan.