Select Project Summaries

01: Reducing Complexity in the Central Core  [Aerospace]
02: Improving Performance by Re-Aligning a Division  [Financial Services]
03: Correcting a Dynamic Team-Based Structure  [Information Technology]
04: Shared Services in a Telecom Supplier  [Telecommunications]
05: Managing Supplier Innovations  [Food & Beverage]
06: Improving Collaboration in a QC Organization  [Aerospace]
07: Designing an HR Shared Services Organization  [Professional Services]
08: A Solution to Control Runaway SKUs  [Consumer Electronics]
09: Simple Changes to Improve By-Product Management  [Food & Beverage]
10: Integrating an Executive Search Organization  [Executive Search]
11: Selecting an HCM Without User Requirements  [Business Process Outsourcing]
12: Innovation and Social Risk  [Information Technology]